Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Real You; The Real Me

So many people in this world are prejudged or talked about by other people. Everyone does it, but the question is: Is it right?

No, no, it's not, because nobody likes to be judged or talked about. I should know because I have felt prejudged before plenty of times. So I have learned to try to treat other people the way I want to be treated. I mean I'm not perfect. Of course I get upset and say things I don't mean, but kindness goes a long way. I wish that some people would take the time that they are wasting to judge people and use that time for something positive, like getting to know that person. For example, ask questions about the things that you don't know or aren't accustomed to. I think that this would make people feel better about themselves and a lot of us would learn something knew about other people. This way others wouldn't feel self-conscience that people are talking about them.

When people get to know people for who they are and not what they're wearing or what they look like, they might actually get to know unique and interesting people!

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BJ Lawson said...

What a fantastic post. Our society is being ripped apart along so many levels, and at the heart of our country's pain are meaningless labels that serve only to divide us amongst ourselves instead of inspire us to reach out an talk to each other as individuals.

For example, I’ve never been able to describe myself using the typical labels that divide our nation: I’ve been a registered Republican, fiscally conservative, but personally strive for generosity. I consider myself “tough on crime” to the extent crime is defined as one person intentionally hurting another person, but with my medical background I’ve never understood why we criminalize and incarcerate people with addictions who only hurt themselves. I’m very much in favor of a strong national defense and appropriate use of force, but pre-emptive war and "nation building" in developing nations doesn’t sound all that defensive to me. I understand that my household budget demands certain discipline, and I’ve never been comfortable pretending that we can borrow as much money as we want from foreign central banks and our own Federal Reserve. While I and my family strive for moral ideals based upon our Christian faith and resulting understanding of desirable behavior, we understand that our role is to encourage and not stand in judgment of others.

So what am I? Republican? Democrat? Liberal? Conservative? Gun-toting peace-loving hippie? Libertarian Jesus freak? Free market gold bug? Crazy?

You see, these words we use to describe schools of thought are exceedingly dangerous. The confuse instead of enlighten, and divide instead of unite. At worst, people stop thinking entirely. That’s when you hear the dismissive and ignorant comment, “He’s crazy.”

Frankly, I think it’s fear of not fitting neatly into a box and being labeled “crazy” that keeps us from talking with each other as much as we should.

Here's to a good conversation, and reaching out to folks as individuals instead of slapping on a label based upon superficial appearances.