Tuesday, January 8, 2008


One year ago when I had Ms. Peterson for English II, she suggested that I do yoga because at the time I was having problems at home and I was getting really stressed out. She gave me a yoga DVD to watch and at first I was like "Is this woman crazy?""What black person you know does yoga?" But after trying it one time I liked it. I have never been interested in yoga and Pilate's, but that all changed. Now I do yoga whenever I feel stressed out or whenever I'mworrying about something. It helps ease my mind and after a long day at school sometimes going home and doing yoga makes my day better. I never thought I would be doing yoga because I'm not very flexible or athletic and I don't work out. My very first time I tried it my arms, legs, and my back was hurting and I kept getting cramps in my feet. But the more I tried it, the better I got. I'm still a beginner because I don't really watch the DVD's that much to be experienced at it yet. My 5-year old cousin tried it with me once and I couldn't concentrate on the DVD because I was too busy laughing at her. I thought it was really cute seeing her try it. While doing yoga you have to keep a steady breath. It requires a lot of deep breathing which calms your mind. If you are a female who is always getting stressed out, then yoga is for you!

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Nora said...

Hi there,
My name is Nora Dennis and I am a black yoga teacher in Durham. I used to teach at Duke Gym, and now I teach at Blue Point Yoga. I encourage you to continue your yoga practice - it will support you through good times and bad! Cheers, Nora